Vent vision ready to go compressed air system

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In stock ready to mount w/R12300 Reel Includes free flying tiger!

Vent Vision is pleased to announce the introduction of our Vent Vision dryer vent cleaning system using compressed air. Perfected over the past 30 years by Nate Greenberg, an innovative dryer vent cleaning contractor in the New York Metro area.

The Vent Vision hose reel with air motor rewind and 300 feet of 1/2” hose leads the way to take your company to the next level. Paired with our Cast Iron compressor it's an unbeatable system. The 300 feet of 1/2” ID hose assures massive airflow to our Vent Vision air tools. Get one of our systems and start “outside-in” cleaning techniques necessary to win many commercial jobs.

A typical truck-mounted installation is shown here in a 3/4 Ton van. We will work with you to provide measurements for your installation of the system. This install had our team mount the hose reel and compressor on 2x4s laid flat for shipment on a long pallet. A forklift was utilized to lift it for installation.

Compressed Air System


The Vent vision hose reel (included)

Compressed Air System

Improve your dryer vent cleaning productivity with our all-new Vent Vision Hose Reel. Includes chain-driven air motor rewind. The top-quality 300-foot hose is 1/2” ID to maximize airflow to our exclusive air tools. Dual pressure setup with full 175 psi flow through pressure and reduced pressure for safe rewind. The pressure control valve allows you to adjust to a comfortable rewind speed. Heavy gauge steel frame with four holes for connecting to the vehicle. Durable powder-coated reel and frame. Axle lock to prevent rotation while driving. Quality built in the USA for years of service. This item ships palletized by truck. Ask about discounts available for multiple unit purchases. Installation service available.



 Compressed Air Compressor

Prepare to be blown away by this truck-mounted compressor. The most durable air compressor is designed to give thousands of hours of service per year. Honda 13 HP GX390 gas engine. Electric start, 12 v alternator (you will need to supply the lawnmower battery). May also be manually started. A Honda oil drain kit is installed to make engine oil changes easier. 2-Stage, twin cylinder cast iron pump puts out over 30 CFM at 175 psi. The pump is turning at only 635 RPM for long life. 30-gallon tank for plenty of capacity. This unit weighs 610 lbs and requires a 3/4 ton truck frame (or a similarly robust trailer) for proper mounting. Installation services are available. Multi-unit discount is available.


The dryer vent cleaning air tools

Dryer Vent Cleaning Air Tools 

Airlines are 3/8” ID for improved airflow when using our compressor and hose reel. Stunning productivity improvement compared with 1/4” hoses. The large reverse spinner on our air hoses will not go past a dryer blower making them the safe bet to use when run lengths are not known. The small reverse spinner will fit through a 1” hole making it ideal for roof vents.


Benefits of owning our dryer vent cleaning air system:

Owning the proper air setup will provide countless and lucrative opportunities for you and your dryer vent cleaning company. As you know, dryer vent cleaning is currently on the rise, and because of this new awareness, most homeowner associations (HOA) are requiring the service at least every 2 years! Some associations will leave it to the individual homeowners to get it done and submit proof of completion. Dryer vent cleaning services may be completed from the outside only depending on the agreement with the HOA. This ensures completion and saves the HOA time, knowing they can have the full community serviced within 1 week. 

To perform a commercial service, a professional compressor setup is needed. The setup can pay for itself in less than one of these jobs! When dealing with complex work you can expect a daily profit ranging from $2,000-$10,000 and a full week profit ranging from $15,000-$60,0000+. These jobs can be stressful, but the profits are off the charts! No dealing with customers, no worrying about getting paid from 100+ customers, just one big hassle-free check!



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