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Product Overview

Have you ever wished you had some extra hands, or you had an easy way to divide up your thick and thin rods? If so, Vent Vision has a solution for you! 


Introducing our rod bag!


Our rod bag features:

-2 zippered pockets

-1 mesh pocket

-Center strap to divide your rods

-Extra durable liner 


Why did we make this?


I believe being as efficient as possible is a major factor and necessity when it comes to the success of a high volume cleaning company. Having to take multiple trips especially when it involves going down a ladder or off a roof is not an ideal situation for a cleaner. Every time I had to go back to my truck for a tool needed on a routine cleaning, it got added to a new tool pouch. Now that I have all these tools in an excessive amount of pouches, how can I easily access and transport them? First, we put a pouch inside of our rod bag; however, it was difficult to reach and required emptying out the entire bag most of the time to get to it… so why not add pockets to your bag? That solved the issue.

In my rod bag, I also carry commercial and residential rods which are different gauges of thickness. At first, leaving one set upside down and the other rightside up seemed like a good way to stay organized, but eventually this became too much of a hassle. “What can be done?” I thought. How about a dividing strap down the middle, and thus our product was created! 


We are out there in the field everyday. Our products are made by cleaners for cleaners. We DO NOT copy, we DO NOT steal, we INNOVATE!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review