Ultimate respirator combo

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Full face respirator x 1

Half face respirator x 1

Case x 2

Sets of filters x 4 ( 1 set of filter in each mask and one replacement set per mask)


Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important and requires yearly maintenance to avoid a potential fire. Protecting yourself while you're out there saving homes is just as important. 

Everyone has had the same experience: cleaning a vent with your shirt over your nose, doing everything you possibly can to not breath in the excess amount of lint and debris flying out of the dryer vent. Even while using this “method,” technicians are still breathing in a ton of lint. What about the technician’s eyes? They are getting covered with debris while squinting for protection. 

What if I told you there is a simple solution that will save your lungs and eyes from danger and aggravation of a face full of lint?



(No reviews yet) Write a Review