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Product Overview

Introducing our new power house!  

How does it work: On this compressor the 4 gallon tank is used as a regulator. By cutting out the 30 gallon tank we are able to get direct flow through our 4 gallon tank directly from the compressors pump. This allows you to get full PSI and CFM delivered right to your tools at all times since the pump is no longer trying to push through negative space. 



  1. weight and size allows you to use in regular vehicle (mini van, suv, small cargo van)
  2. Compressor fills in 15 seconds and will fill back up from cleaning use in 5 seconds allowing it more idle time and less working time.
  3. Keeps up with our 30CFM compressor
  4. can be easily taken in and out of a vehicle or trailer with 2-3 people.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review