Vent Vision® camera + Watch

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Product Overview

Check out our new Time Saver Bundle! This bundle provides exactly what you need to successfully inspect dryer vents for disconnections and other problems as well as take before and after videos. The watch monitor may be small, but it is a crowd favorite with its high resolution screen and ability to be worn right on your wrist or strapped to your ladder for convenience and safety.


- Inspect vents twice as fast while working on a condominium complex! 

- Leave the camera connected to your rods and wrist watch on your wrist or in your rod bag   pocket for quick access. 

- Watch can easily record videos on a micro SD card.

- Hassle free wireless connection.

- Hands free view with strapped on watch

- High quality build and connections will not break or disconnect in the vent.

Bundle includes:

1- Vent Vision Wireless Inspection Camera

1- Wireless Wrist Watch Monitor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review