Soldaguard DN-007

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Product Overview

Are you looking to add a new service to your current dryer vent cleaning business? Check out our 10-minute sanitizing treatment. Our 10-minute dry fogging treatment utilizes essential oils along with a few non-toxic ingredients that will work together to:
-Reduce the spread of influenza/SARS-coV-2
-Eliminate odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungus
-Dry fog so NO wipedown needed
-Remove build-up of bacteria colonies
-Safe for pets, won't harm surfaces
Once the active ingredients bind to the surface, they will work together and remain effective for up to 30 days to work on all surfaces and fight off existing and upcoming threats at the molecular level. This ensures that it is not just covering up the problem, but fighting them at the source of the problem.

Solda Guard Dn-007 is the first nontoxic dry fog solution that cleanses HVAC systems and surfaces without requiring any wipe down. The dry fogging machine disperses a nontoxic blend of essential oils that are all FDA approved. These essential oils work together to kill viruses like the Flu and Covid-19. It will also kill odors that cause bacteria, mold, and fungi and remove build-ups of bacteria colonies and any other bad odor that might be lingering in your house.

The application process is very simple. Covering up any furniture, paintings, electronics, etc. is not necessary. Simply turn on the machine, and let it run directly into the HVAC system which will spread it throughout the house, doing the job for you. If the home does not have central air, walk around the house while letting the machine run.

How did it all start?

The story of Soldaguard dates back to 2008, when the founder (US Army Veteran) and his wife (ICU nurse), were part of a development team that was focusing on a product to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, mold, fungi, and the common flu. With a passion to develop products that would make a difference in the world, they continued to push forward with research and development. Fast forward to March 2020, they found themselves with an opportunity to apply their passion and expertise to the challenge the world was facing. At this time, more key players were brought into the company to run operations and marketing. In April 2020, Soldaguard was officially introduced to the market and named in honor of our founder’s military service background. The proprietary solution that Soldaguard offers, Soldamist, is the differentiating factor that separates it from a market flooded with water-based products. Prevention remains the goal, and we plan to be around for years to come.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review