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Product Overview

GO GREEN! All new green co-polymer material is very flexible, heat and
cold resistant and the latest innovation from A.W. Perkins Co. Separate
yourself from the competition! Special kit contains:
- 5 each 5/16” Rods
- 4 each 3/8” Rods
- 1 each 5/16” White Rod x 2’
- ProSpin 1’ Lead Rod
- 4” Propeller Brush
- Clog Buster/Green Lint Whip
- Retrieval Coil
- EZ Driver Drill Adapter
- Regular Drill Adapter
- Option of the Blue 4” ProSpin brush for $50 add on

The rods incorporate our new exclusive features described earlier, name-
ly the Snag Less male end that greatly reduces hangups coming out of the

vent. These rods also have the new chamfered female ends that depress
the button for you when connecting rods. Combine with our EZ Driver
Drill Adapter for maximum productivity.
Residential 5/16” rods are very flexible and useful as first rods on when
vents have many elbows. Also work well on shorter vent runs, say under
15’. Preferred also in colder climates.
Commercial 3/8” rods are stiffer and better for longer vents and hotter
climates. Golden ends help you identify them in the bag from 5/16” rods
which are silver.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review