2 motor HEPA vacuum

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Product Overview

Our 2-motor HEPA vacuums are designed specifically for dryer vent cleaners to provide the performance and professional look needed to thrive in the industry. It sits on a 20 gallon European rotomolded canister. The canister has a 4” inlet with an angled debris diverter to make sure the vacuum never clogs up and maximizes the full 20 gallon tank before having to empty it out. This means when using our heavy duty 3” vacuum hose, our customers will never have to worry about it getting clogged with lint during the cleaning process which can get frustrating especially when cleaning from the outside in. 

The vacuum comes on a 4 wheel trolley for easy use when entering a customer’s home. The wheels can be covered with disposable shower caps or shoe booties to avoid potential damages to the customer’s home. Although the finished product looks very professional on the cart, the vacuum can be detached from the trolley if the technician prefers to carry it. 

The HEPA filtration system ensures you and your customer that whether the cleaning takes place from the inside or the outside, it will be a dust free, no mess cleaning process.

So many industries require specialized tools and machines to complete services, and now you have a dryer vent specific vacuum that provides the best cleaning while giving your company a professional look.

2 motors producing 280 CFM includes:

-microbag filter (#1121)

-HEPA filter (#1123)

-3" Gray hose x 12.5'

- 1.5" hose x 8'

-plus accessories (round brush, crevice tool, floor brush, 2 x 18" extension wands, and tool adapter.)

-54 lbs empty weight.

-Tilt to dump trolley feature saves effort.

-Tank is 20 gallons and may be removed from trolley and hand carried with side handles.

-Large 12" rear wheels and 5" "total lock" casters.

-12 gauge cord is 36' long. Draws 15 amps so plug into a 20 amp circuit if using two motors.

-Ametek motors have user serviceable brushes which last about 1000 running hours, part number 1143.

-Always turn on motor 1 first to close internal valves.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review