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Why you should start cleaning dryer vents with air


Dryer vent cleaning is a very niche industry with minimal training and guidance for those looking to get started. Many people start with a store bought rod kit and a shop vac, which can be okay at times but may cause more frustration and discouragement due to its inefficiency and higher risk of problems. Problems that may arise from a store bought rod kit include: Breaking a rod in the vent, losing a brush in the vent, breaking a poorly constructed vent, making homeowners think they could have done it themselves etc. All of these obstacles, including the need for in depth training, could be avoided with the proper compressed air cleaning system. With compressed air the cleaning becomes as simple as finding the vent on the outside of the home, walking your hose over to the vent, and letting your reverse skipper line feed all the way in from the outside of the home to the back of the dryer.  This takes away the chance of damaging the vent and losing / breaking equipment inside the vent. As an added bonus, it looks extremely professional!

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